This site is operated by Nicollier-Schlegel SARL, a family company formed in Switzerland in 2013 by Todd Schlegel, MD., and his wife, Maya Nicollier Schlegel, JD. 

Dr. Schlegel was medically trained at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. After finishing his internal medicine residency at Mayo in 1992, he joined NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. During much of his subsequent 20+ year career at NASA as a physician-scientist, and since leaving his full-time position with NASA in 2013, Dr. Schlegel has been continuously integrating and developing different types of advanced ECG software technologies designed to better detect and prevent cardiovascular problems in astronauts. During this time Dr. Schlegel has also published dozens of peer-reviewed papers on advanced ECG ("A-ECG") in the scientific and medical literature and produced several ECG-related patents for NASA. 

In 2013, increasingly realizing that the latest generation of software he'd been integrating from collaborators around the world would especially benefit those larger numbers of patients, clinicians and researchers who did not have direct access to NASA, Dr. Schlegel early-retired from his scientific and clinical positions at NASA and co-founded, in conjunction with his wife Maya, a US-trained attorney, a new company focused on further developing A-ECG. This new company, Nicollier-Schlegel SARL, was founded in Switzerland at the same time as the founders' move, with their two young sons, to Switzerland from Houston. The result is that beginning in 2015, any researcher, clinician or other professional who digitally collects or stores conventional 12-lead ECG data files can now also seamlessly access the latest generation of integrated A-ECG technologies and receive A-ECG Reports for their patients or test subjects through our company. Scientific details on A-ECG can be found in the publications section of the site and also in the larger REFERENCES section found at the end of the Clinicians and Researchers FAQ. Example A-ECG Reports can be found here. 

Dr. Schlegel is a recipient of multiple awards, including a Presidential Early Career Award from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (Clinton White House), several NASA patents for both ECG-related software and hardware, several honors for student mentoring awarded both by NASA and by independent student organizations, and a NASA technology achievement medal. While continuing to consult for NASA part-time from Switzerland in the field of medical ethics, Dr. Schlegel also currently maintains an academic affiliation with the Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.